Moving From Social Networking Into Lifestreaming

I thought a “links blog” would be useful but it has turned out to be more work than value. So I’ve migrated what this blog intended to do into my new and improved Graham English Musician 2.0 site.

If you’re already subscribed to this feed, you’ll still get updates. But the posts will be coming from my Lifestream. No more Twitter updates or links. It will be more of an intimate aggregation of my day-to-day experience.

If you’re not subscribed to this feed, please stop by and share your comments at the Graham English Official Site.

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-08

  • On my way to a delicious fondue party. Looking forward to getting away from the smoke and demolition noise. #
  • [utterz] Chocolate Fondue: Delicious! #
  • Spending the entire day upgrading WordPress blogs is not fun. That’s why I’m beginning to move everything to a single blog. Screw prior SEO #
  • Two more blogs to upgrade and import. And they have the most posts and the most readers. A little nervous about it. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-07

  • Watching a terrible fire out my back door. A house touching my lot is completely engulfed! #
  • saw them drag two unconcious bodies out and try to recusitate one #
  • it is devestating. Recorded a bunch of video. Poor family. If you pray, pray. #
  • I’m definitely safe. But it is so close. Like I said, touching our lot #
  • we are totally enveloped by steam and smoke #
  • [utterz] Fire!: Video to come later. It is completely devastated. #
  • it looks under control now. About 30 firefighters on the scene. Still a massive amount of smoke #
  • It’s on Spring St. in Somerville, MA to be exact. Cross street is Summer St. (my street). #
  • damn. Lost power in the house. #
  • don’t really feel comfortable lighting candles either. #
  • no power. No heat. No refrigeration. But I got my health. #
  • and I got an iPhone with the edge #
  • just imported video of the fire. Will upload when power comes back. #
  • @TwittedPOET you would know. You guys got famous in the apple world from your house fire #
  • gotta conserve battery power. Who knows when we are getting power back. #
  • thanks for all your good wishes. Pray for the family (or do tonglen) #
  • power is back on. It will be hard to sleep with all the noise. I feel safe though. #
  • Just woke up. Here’s the story on the fire. Mother and child are in critical condition: #
  • I was wrong about the street. It wasn’t Spring Street but Harvard Place. #
  • [utterz] Video: Harvard Place Fire: Here’s a short little video (iPhone optimized) of the fire o #
  • Short video of fire (Wifi iPhone optimized – 4.1MB): #
  • @phillymac Shot the video in HD with my Cannon Powershot TX1. Second link was direct. Utterz changed aspect ratio. #
  • Anyone else noticed all the latest product Twitterers? News for them, a product can’t be a member of a community. Not following. #
  • But to all of you new Twitter friends who are real people, welcome! \(^o^)/ #
  • @phillymac We got power back right after we decided to try and sleep. Somewhere around 1:30 a.m. #
  • @foodphilosophy You probably would’ve seen the fire from your old house since we’re at the top of a hill. Thanks for your thoughts. #
  • Bad news for Quicksilver users? #
  • @ryanoelke No kidding! I’d pay for Quicksilver in an instant. #
  • Just got back from the grocery store. It was packed like sardines with slow old people. #
  • Going sharking later today… cajun-style. #
  • Poor Katie. She’s got a bad cough today from all the smoke. She’s wheezy. And I’m George Jefferson. #
  • Exporting all the video of the fire I took last night. 15:41 minutes total. #
  • Just checked and they’re still hosing the house down. #
  • Eating a chicken and waffle sandwich. Leaving the computer alone now so it can process the video export faster. #
  • chattee Chicken and waffles is a southern thing. Some people put syrup on it. I made it into a sandwich with mayo. Delicious! b(~_^)d #
  • Meant to do @chattee on previous tweet. #
  • Full video of fire: #
  • Sources say the fire victims are recovering. Great news. #
  • Construction crews are demolishing the house now and it’s snowing pretty hard. #
  • On a brighter note, Katie and I are going to a fondue party tonight. Both cheese and chocolate will be represented. #
  • The house is completely demolished. People’s lives in rubble. #
  • Feeling a little jilted. Sent an email to family saying there was a fire next door. Brother saw it but didn’t read it. Email = low priority #
  • I’ll Be Home For Christmas has been an appropriate song for far too many seasons: #
  • @phillymac Just caught your tweet about my shopping experience. Figured it was something like that but couldn’t put my finger on it. Thanks #

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-06

  • It’s a pizza night. I love pizza nights. #
  • @bramhubbell iPhone is perfect for long bus rides! Amazing how productive you can be… and how entertained. #
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