Twitter Updates for 2007-08-02

  • @crapshaw You joining the group? We need your superior marketing mind brother. Check your facebook. #
  • Pandora on Facebook: #
  • Watching season six of The West Wing. Not my favorite season, but still great. #
  • Reading: " – Facebook Hacks, Tricks, Tips, and Wall ASCII" ( #
  • Finally got around to joining MyBlogLog: #
  • Updating iPhone firmware #
  • NewsGator Mobile iPhone needs a refresh button. #
  • I know I can refresh the page, but it auto-hides the address bar and requires a flick that is extra-close to the logout button. #
  • New email sending status indicator on iPhone. At least I don’t remember seeing it before. #
  • Phoned-in TwitterGram #
  • @crapshaw Nicely done. If I was in CO, I’d be going with you! #
  • Snapshot of the MS disaster: #
  • Thou churlish beef-witted haggard! #
  • @buffduff Heh. You’re the buff one my brother! 😉 #
BeachBum - August 3, 2007

I just started using Twitter earlier this week. I love the cell phone feature. Now my friends all know what I am up to. Very cool technology.


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