Twitter Updates for 2007-09-08

  • 1,100 cases of rape in the military were reported last year. 15% of women were raped during the Gulf war. #
  • Watching The Interpreter and drinking a $3.65 bottle of Whole Foods merlot. #
  • @ryanoelke Cool! I’ll give you a couple links to help solidify your position. #
  • @ryanoelke =) It’s Full Strength, crunchy pb, rolled into balls and dipped in coconut. Put in the freezer. You can play with proportions #
  • @21c Graham English @ Stumbleupon [] #
  • @chrisbrogan Tell me what you know about me first 😉 jk. I’m an NLP Master Practitioner. #
  • Another very hot day in Boston. I’m ready for fall weather. #