Twitter Updates for 2007-09-17

  • Early Mondays the rest of the semester. Good thing I’m flexible. #
  • 300 workout kicked my ass this morning. Thought I was going to puke. The good news, all my stats went up. Getting stronger. Lasting longer. #
  • Uploading my music to all the Music 2.0 sites. #
  • @davedelaney #
  • @davedelaney Haven’t heard it. Got a link? #
  • @davedelaney Funny. Thought I had subscribed to already. Odd. That’ll change now. Thanks! #
  • Backing up home folder to 14 DVDs. That’ll show Murphy! #
  • Searching for Numbers spreadsheet templates. I suck at spreadsheets. #
  • You know, thinking about it, I should get more than $100 back from Apple for all the iPhones I’ve helped sell. Seriously, it’s quite a few. #