Twitter Updates for 2007-09-19

  • @insanity_rocks I like the ctrl+tab and shift+ctrl+tab option best. Thanks for pointing that out! Just wish Safari and Firefox were smiliar. #
  • @boink Ah. Had to add the Fn to get the ctrl+page up/down to work. Now I have so many choices. Hope I don’t forget them all. 😉 Thanks! #
  • Was looking forward to trying out but adding account is crapping out on me. It even connects to PayPal. Hope it succeeds. #
  • I’ll give Mint another try tomorrow. It it works, it will be a better solution for me than Quicken which I avoid opening unfortunately. #
  • Had a dream my iPhone blew up last night. It was all part of an elaborate adventure. Wonder what that means. #
  • Today’s an extra coffee day. Garrrr. #