Twitter Updates for 2007-10-04

  • Twitter’s new look is gonna take some getting used to. I guess I’ll sleep on it. ‘night. #
  • "They had me with the first seven words of their pitch." #
  • Can only go back 11 pages in Twitter. Guess I reached the end of the road. #
  • Reward for productivity today: Watching season premier of South Park #
  • @insanity_rocks I can view them if I force the URL, but the "older" button doesn’t show up after page 11. Strange. #
  • @insanity_rocks It’s either a bug or Twitter is trying to tell me to get back to work 😉 #
  • Why does the Squdioo interface suck so much? #
  • Finally posted my BlackBerry on Craig’s List. Selling a pair of speakers too. Need $ to help fund my brother’s bachelor party next month. 🙂 #
  • @LenEdgerly Didn’t realize that feature was missing. I’ve added a few people that way since somehow I missed adding them. #