Twitter Updates for 2007-10-26

  • Brussel sprouts: the healthy popcorn alternative #
  • Dreamt that I was watching shapes in the clouds when one of them turned into a dragon and started chasing me. Yikes! #
  • @insanity_rocks LOL. Yeah, to upgrade to Leopard or wait. In the middle of projects and can’t afford the downtime. It hurts! #
  • But I also had a dream that I was eating an abundance of jumbo coconut shrimp. What does it all mean? Upgrade to Leopard or not? 😉 #
  • @iheartscotland I hardly ate anything yesterday. Probably why I was so ravenous in my dreams. 🙂 #
  • Blog subscriber count finally broke 600. Thanks! Graham English Blog #
  • iPhone crashes so much now that it’s not even fun. 🙁 #