Twitter Updates for 2007-10-28

  • I’m beat. Looks like so are the Rockies. #
  • Debating a late night install of Leopard. #
  • Just got the urge to watch Andy Samberg punch people just before eating. Do the zombie dance! 😀 #
  • In Rm 204c Podcasting and the Music Industry #
  • called my dad (he’s in his 70s) to brag about getting leopard and he tells me he’s already installed it! Way to steal my thunder. #
  • so to keep up with my pop, I’m installing leopard now. Fingers crossed #
  • hmm. Seems to be stuck on selecting a destination to install Leo. WTF #
  • install succeeded. Restarting now #
  • phew! Everything seems to be in order so I can dig in with a glass of wine. 🙂 #