Twitter Updates for 2007-11-03

  • Packing for my brother’s bachelor party in NYC. Bow wow wow yippee yay yippee yay! #
  • @phillymac Yeah, it’s nasty out. Travelling by bus. Hope I don’t die! #
  • listening to NPR T Monk jazz profile on the bus to NYC #
  • @phillymac bus was cheaper and brother was paying. But train wouldve been much better #
  • amazing how productive I can be on long bus ride with iPhone on edge ntwk #
  • watching Bourne Ultimatum in iPhone. Don’t ask me how I got it 😉 #
  • @technosailor American Gangster: good movie. Recomended #
  • Hello Manhattan! Been too long. #
  • on the red line heading to broadway and 116. My old stomping grounds. #