Twitter Updates for 2007-11-12

  • @billpalmer I haven’t been asked to upgrade my iPhone yet. And I’ll definitely wait until I get a lot more info on jailbreaked iPhones. #
  • Polishing off an Argentina Malbec and planning the week. It’s a big one that ends in my brother getting married. Wow! #
  • @jimphelps Good idea on the .Mac syncing but that wasn’t it. Even if I create a brand new rule the same bug appears. Thanks though. #
  • Whoops. Was trying to set a timed reminder in Quicksilver but tweeted instead. That wasn’t a cry for help 😉 #
  • Damn! Seems Quicksilver timed reminders don’t work in Leopard. #
  • Ouch! Kanye West’s mom dies from cosmetic surgery. Damn. #
  • Watching Discovery Channel Real Super Humans while I get my inbox to zero. Amazing show! Find the torrent. #
  • Anyone have a Seesmic invite? #
  • Operation Inbox Zero is a success! #