Twitter Updates for 2007-12-04

  • Heroes Time! #
  • @Akula I’m coding a project now and IE is killing me! I’m stepping my Firefox evangelism up a notch! or die (x_x) #
  • Nice new @ feature. Can now view replies from people not following me. Check your notification settings. Thanks Twitter. #
  • @chrispian Heroes finale definitely made me want to come back for season 3. Such a short season though. Felt a little rushed in places. #
  • Another day of CSS wrestling. Coding would be so much easier if IE would play nice or, better yet, didn’t exist. #
  • One final complaint of the day: NBC is lame, NBC is lame, NBC, NBC, NBC is lame! Sing along… #
  • Laughing at: "The 5 Pimpingest Historical Figures |" ( #
  • @vdulay Acting was bad this season, wasn’t it? They’ve got a lot of time to regroup and study up for season 3. #
  • @vdulay I know! @katieheikkinen and I were so pissed when Mohinder did that! @waynesutton I’ll get NBC on from now on. #