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Twitter Updates for 2007-04-17

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-16

  • I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. -The Departed #
  • I’m spent. Worked for 15 hours today to finish a project. Looking forward to my pillow. Zzzz #
  • Didn’t sleep well. It rained all night and is still raining. Double the dose of coffee today. Which is always a good thing. #
  • Would hate to be running the Boston marathon today! #
  • Twice in two days that my sites have been down. Come on Hostgator! #
  • Deadliest campus shooting in U.S. history! My heart goes out to everyone involved. #
  • First issue of Samurai Songwriting is live. Yay! #

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-14

  • Very cool Darwin exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. It’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t believe in evolution… or is it? #
  • It would be nice to have a weekend with no work once in a while. It’s been far too long. #
  • I love how you can undo accidentally closing a tab in Safari. Wish I could Cmd+Z a few other things… #
  • The grocery store parking lot is so full that they announced cars are being towed! #
  • Haven’t seen much value in Google Desktop for Mac. But I do like that it shows results stored on my computer when I do a Google search. #
  • Can’t wait for Apple to do spreadsheets. Excel sucks the cool right out of me. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-04-13

  • Learning XMPP and other IM URI protocols. Trying to make it easier to contact me the way I want to be contacted. #
  • Trying to consolidate my iChat buddy lists. I found a ton of friends on an old AIM account. #
  • I’ve infiltrated Harvard for a talk on Darwin. #
  • They’re serving booze at this talk! Harvard rules. #