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Twitter Updates for 2007-11-14

  • Watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry last night. Very cute and funny movie. #
  • Very busy day planned. Tomorrow’s a travel day. #
  • Inbox is stuffed with wedding-related emails. It’s busting my groove of having it perfectly clean. #
  • Quicksilver update. Wonder what new goodies it brings. Hopefully more Leopard support. #
  • It seems to bring back ‘show menu items’ from the current application. Which is a huge time saver for me. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-11-12

  • @billpalmer I haven’t been asked to upgrade my iPhone yet. And I’ll definitely wait until I get a lot more info on jailbreaked iPhones. #
  • Polishing off an Argentina Malbec and planning the week. It’s a big one that ends in my brother getting married. Wow! #
  • @jimphelps Good idea on the .Mac syncing but that wasn’t it. Even if I create a brand new rule the same bug appears. Thanks though. #
  • Whoops. Was trying to set a timed reminder in Quicksilver but tweeted instead. That wasn’t a cry for help 😉 #
  • Damn! Seems Quicksilver timed reminders don’t work in Leopard. #
  • Ouch! Kanye West’s mom dies from cosmetic surgery. Damn. #
  • Watching Discovery Channel Real Super Humans while I get my inbox to zero. Amazing show! Find the torrent. #
  • Anyone have a Seesmic invite? #
  • Operation Inbox Zero is a success! #

Twitter Updates for 2007-11-11

  • Just got back from having a Bartley’s burger. Damn good food. #
  • watching We Are Marshall. Katie is sure to cry her eyes out. #
  • @CreativeSage Excellent! You really _are_ doing it. Inspiring. #
  • @CreativeSage I’m not playing. But I will for #
  • Sunday morning politics, fresh coffee, and a gorgeous autumn view from the window. Life is good. #
  • Just added Apple, Inc. to my friend/products on Facebook. #
  • Trying to figure out why one of my rules keeps changing on me. It’s a pain in the butt having to change it back all the time. #
  • My dad bought an iPhone today. I don’t think he wanted to chat too much because it took time away from playing with it. 🙂 #
  • @phillymac heh. Good one. 🙂 #

Twitter Updates for 2007-11-10

  • watching a chick flick with Katie. The things we do for love. #
  • @phillymac I feel for ya brother 😉 I’m watching License To Wed. #
  • Since September 8 I’ve lost 6.8 lbs and 2 inches from my waist. Since I began, I’ve lost a total of 28 lbs. Not bad, huh? #
  • LMAO. FSJ in rare form: #
  • Giving @garyvee a digg: #
  • If I had a common name I’d change it. It’s only so long before your namesake is in the news for soliciting sex in a bathroom. #
  • @phillymac It helps to have a goal. My brother’s wedding is next week and I need to look good for all the pics. Maybe you should remarry? 😉 #
  • Dude! Chax 2.0 beta is available for Leopard. #
  • @phillymac Remarry the one you’ve got 😉 I think Chax doesn’t touch the new iChat features that it used to add, like tabs. #
  • @shawnz Yeah, an _alien_ cocktail party! Get a load of that guy’s head?! Scoble might be dressed to run away as fast as he possibly can. #
  • Watching Jeff Hawkins on Wired Science ep. 5. Dude is talking integral theory about hierarchical brains and computer systems. Way cool. #
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