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Twitter Updates for 2007-05-31

  • Just submited a help request to Twitter. I can’t remove friends. #
  • Really wish Google apps like Docs and Gears supported Safari. #
  • Just launched the Twitter facebook app. #
  • My back is killing me. Tweaked it bad at the gym today. #
  • Watching the Jobs Gates interview at D5. Lovin it. #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-05-29

  • Got pulled over on the way home tonight. Thank god I wasn’t drinking. Cop was cool for a change. #
  • Getting caught up on Stompernet videos. #
  • Going through major life changes. Recently switched from crunchy to creamy peanut butter. #
  • @nitallica Yumm. Ain’t nothing like a fluffer nutter. #
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