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Twitter Updates for 2007-06-30

  • iPhone is home and syncing. For some reason I can’t drag music manually. Will investigate after I play for a while. So far, AMAZING!!! #
  • iPhone does RSS! #
  • Still playing with iPhone. Remarkable. Gorgeous. Hype? Don’t think so. iPhone delivers. #
  • twittering from my iPhone !!! Can’t believe how beautiful the browser is. #
  • I’ll tell you what, it’s really hard to figure out which 8 gigs of stuff I’m going to put on my iPhone. Fills up fast. #
  • playing with my iPhone at quincy market #
  • someone just asked to take a picture of my iPhone. Tabbed browsing now. Twitter & google reader. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-29

  • Last episode of Studio 60. Too bad. Could’ve been a great show. #
  • Time to go get in line. #
  • @susqhanamj I’m bringing my iPod and Mac while I wait. But I’m definitely keeping my BlackBerry hidden! #
  • New Hampshire. No tax. Thought the line would be longer. Phew. #
  • @macgeekpro The tax savings could pay for applecare or other accessory goodness. #
  • @macgeekpro You gettin one? If so, I expect daily iphone tips and tricks 🙂 #
  • My ass is killing me on this hard floor. Wish I was smart enough to bring a folding chair like a lot of people here. #
  • @MikeRapin Sell some stuff on eBay or Craig’s List. #
  • @cc_chapman You dig Prince? I’ve got a bootleg collection to die for. #
  • They tore the paper off the windows. Big iPhone with a count down. 30 min! #
  • 5 minutes! I’m in the second group that goes in. #
  • First group is in. #
  • First one is bought. Everyone is applauding #
  • I’m going in… #
  • I’m in the apple store… #

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