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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-30

  • Just realized my last tweet was number 1,000. #
  • Alternating Death Cab for Cutie with Foo Fighters so I don’t lose all my testosterone yet remain masculinely sensitive. #
  • Just set up my Google Apps account for Logic Studio Training I think I’ll use GApps for my sites from now on. #
  • Loved hearing President Clinton reference Jack Bauer on Meet The Press today. #
  • @ryanoelke Yep. Logic Studio Training will be launching soon. Absolutely loving this upgrade. #
  • @ryanoelke get the full version if you can. It’s totally worth it. #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-09-29

  • Sitting here tapping the delete button in iPhone email. Seriously can’t believe I have to delete 2,000 emails 1 by 1 to get inbox to 0!!! #
  • @Tricon Thanks. Are you trying to hack firmware 1.1.1? If so, how? #

Twitter Updates for 2007-09-28

  • Office fans. Part 1 of my tribute to Dwight Schrute: Dwight Schrute Part 1 #
  • @iheartscotland glad you liked my post. Been digging into etymology lately for inspiration #
  • @warpjam had to do a complete iPhone restore but all is well. Missing the voice recorder though #
  • just watched one of my musical heroes on the today show at the gym. The Boss just doesn’t get old. One of the best performers I’ve ever seen #
  • Aw shit. iTunes told me it didn’t recognize iPhone and I must restore! Then I dis/reconnected and it was fine. Phew. But not a good sign. #
  • Looking forward to reading Chris Anderson’s "Free". Give away what you can duplicate for free, charge for what you can’t. Namely, You. #
  • @susqhanamj It’s not out yet. But "Free" will be free 🙂 #
  • Really unhappy with iPhone right now. Since restore, I have to delete 3,000 emails from gmail to have a clean inbox. WTF! #
  • @LenEdgerly Teenagers?! I got pissed just reading that 😉 Did you have a witty comeback? "Oh yeah? You’re so old… your SSN is 000-00-0001" #
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