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Twitter Updates for 2007-10-31

  • Gmail IMAP is rocking on iPhone and Waiting for 2 more Gmail accts to go IMAP and then my workflow will be much more efficient. #
  • Really missing Chax on Leopard. Need growl support for iChat. #
  • btw, I’m #4 in Google for growl ichat: ichat #
  • Just added Growl to iChat via AppleScript: #
  • YES! Got SafariStand to work. Had to update SIMBL: #
  • @phillymac You can categorize (low,normal,high) but not color. But MailTags let’s you tag and gives you 5 categories. Must have extension. #
  • Polishing off a bottle of Cotes du Rhone while working on some tracks. Also missing Quicksilver proxies for app menus in Leopard. #
  • @cdevroe Use Quicksilver to tweet and use iChat to get your tweets. Much better in my opinion. #
  • Making breakfast for @katieheikkinen. It’s her birthday! #
  • Just watched Ron Paul interview on the Tonight Show: #
  • Cmd click on YouTube videos in Safari 3 gives option to download flv. Never seen that before. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-10-29

  • Leopard spotlight can’t find folders? #
  • @MikeRapin Maybe I just need to reindex spotlight because I’m looking at the folder and it’s not finding it. #
  • On another Leopard note, I’m really missing Inquisitor, Saft, and SafariStand on Safari 3. I’ve tried all the published hacks with no luck. #
  • It was a painless upgrade. Faster than what I read online. Anything that’s important works. No down time. Twas a good Sunday. #
  • @phillymac I keep telling myself that Leopard’s only been out a few days. I’m graciously giving the developers a chance to catch up. 🙂 #
  • Wow! The new Leopard speech engine is awesome. Naturally, I made it swear a lot. #
  • Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! #
  • Got Inquisitor to work on Leopard Safari 3. Had to delete /Library/InputManagers and re-install. Now I’ll test some of the others. #
  • Sorting email in the new Leopard Mail. 102 to go. #
  • Just added some flight info to iCal from Mail using the intelligent data detectors. Very nice. #
  • @phillymac way better? Hmm. I’ll have to play around more. But having Notes and To Dos in is fantastic. Still waiting for G IMAP!! #
  • @cdevroe I’m still figuring it out too. When my screen gets cluttered, I just put stuff in a different space. Like iTunes #

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