Twitter Updates for 2007-12-05

  • Been coding non-stop all day. Just started watching Superbad but I can hardly concentrate because I’m so into the code. Strange. #
  • Superbad was a fun movie. As adolescent and nasty as it was, it gets high ‘super-cute’ ratings. #
  • I’m actually winning in this CSS wresting match! Q(^.^Q) #
  • Looks like I was deeper in the code than I thought yesterday. Couldn’t sleep at all. My mind was balancing div tags all night. #
  • It’s a Jeff Buckley day. If you don’t know who he is, you must: #
  • @shawnz Hadn’t heard that one. Thanks for the recommendation. @basykes West Wing Season 3 finale. A real tear jerker 🙁 #
  • Time to hit the email. 116 messages waiting for me. When all is said and done, I’m applying for email sainthood. 0:) #

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-04

  • Heroes Time! #
  • @Akula I’m coding a project now and IE is killing me! I’m stepping my Firefox evangelism up a notch! or die (x_x) #
  • Nice new @ feature. Can now view replies from people not following me. Check your notification settings. Thanks Twitter. #
  • @chrispian Heroes finale definitely made me want to come back for season 3. Such a short season though. Felt a little rushed in places. #
  • Another day of CSS wrestling. Coding would be so much easier if IE would play nice or, better yet, didn’t exist. #
  • One final complaint of the day: NBC is lame, NBC is lame, NBC, NBC, NBC is lame! Sing along… #
  • Laughing at: "The 5 Pimpingest Historical Figures |" ( #
  • @vdulay Acting was bad this season, wasn’t it? They’ve got a lot of time to regroup and study up for season 3. #
  • @vdulay I know! @katieheikkinen and I were so pissed when Mohinder did that! @waynesutton I’ll get NBC on from now on. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-03

  • @chrisbrogan Make sure the quality outweighs the quantity! 😉 #
  • Just noticed out the window that we’re getting our first snow that’s accumulated to anything. Looks beautiful. #
  • Watching the very last episode of X-Files. Then I’ll have completed all 9 seasons. This last season was tough to watch. But I <3 X-Files! #
  • That was fun. Now I just have to wait for the new X-Files movie. The truth is out there. Trust no one. #
  • I always love when December rolls around because I have a superb holiday playlist. It’s been a cheerful evening of festal music. d^_^b #
  • In bed watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on my MBP before I go to sleep. A classic sweet tale about the true meaning of Christmas. #
  • The snow has turned to rain. Not so pretty anymore. #
  • Commence layering to reduce heating costs. #
  • @shawnz Happy Birthday! #
  • @vdulay I’m wearing a hat and a scarf! Freezing my butt off. My home office is the coldest room in the apartment. Might turn heat up soon 😉 #
  • Wow! It is dumping snow now. #
  • Just completed an Apple survey for my recent iPhone tech support. I gave them top scores. #
  • @shawnz You’re welcome! Hope you’re being treated like a princess on your birthday. Cheers! #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-02

  • Just finished series 2 of The Office (UK). I don’t laugh out loud as much as the US version but it’s still very funny. But more sad in a way #
  • (-.-)zzZ #
  • What are all these republican commercials doing on New England TV?! You don’t have a chance! #
  • Happy Birthday @ap1978 ! #
  • Katie’s making German apple pancakes. I’m one lucky dude. #
  • Just had an amazing breakfast. Ready for nap. #
  • My shower was so hot I almost passed out! Now going to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to get my weekly organic food and kick-ass coffee. #
  • NBC officially removed from iTunes. So very lame. #
  • Tom Petty to play Super Bowl halftime. Sweet! #
  • Boston has a music awards show? Who knew? I’m so out of the loop. #
  • Just paid $36 to for a year subscription. Got my own radio station now: #
  • Installing Photoshop CS3 Extended demo. Tried Pixelmator for a while and liked some things about it. But it really can’t replace PS for me. #